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I write stories, poems, and songs, as well as draw cartoons and create calendars for family and friends. I create board and card games. I am stunned by the beauty of the natural world and hypnotized by the urgent logic of science. I like 387 kinds of music. I have no pets. I should charge admission to my dreams, but I don’t. I believe that god exists only in the lower case with an extra o, and that the imaginative shall inherit the earth. At a young age I determined that Santa Claus actually lives at the South Pole, which unlike the North Pole lies on a land mass. My favorite novel of all time is Karel Capek’s War with the Newts. I salute you, O Newt Brothers. A propensity for ill-advised punning has made a shambles of my social life. I sometimes wonder what would happen if all our maps were wrong and no one could count past twelve. The concept of time fascinates me, as do quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and how science crystallized from magic during the Renaissance. I only trust things that go backwards as well as forwards. I love all things English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish. Not to mention Italian, German, and Czech. And Greek! I believe humanity will survive only if those in power have the courage to confront their own shadows. I love cinnamon rolls; I want to live with a cinnamon roll. I could, in fact, spend the rest of my life with one. It should be a long life, since I don’t plan to die and would be disappointed if I ever did. My most joyful challenges are my wife Denise and my son Octavio. My greatest frustration is not having a novel published—yet. I’m thinking of creating a board game called The Great American Novel Game. Want to play?

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